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The College aims at the all-round development of its students. It is committed to the cause of empowerment of the socially and economically deprived masses, through access to higher education, thereby enabling them to transform themselves into intellectually vibrant, socially responsible, self-reliant citizens. The College provides education in both humanities and science, and also encourages the students to develop themselves into honest citizens of the country. The goal of this College is to bestow its learners with right of entry to higher education through quality teaching-learning process.

Muragachha Govt. College has been created keeping in mind the following:

  • Creating an institute of excellence.
  • Creating environmental awareness and inculcating our sense of National values.
  • Creating harmony in education.
  • Providing effective teaching to college students.
  • Maintaining the atmosphere of cordiality among local educational institutions and local community.

A college established in a rural zone has to have some specialised visions which might not coincide with some of the renowned urban institutions apart from the general visions. Some of the measures that the institution craves to undertake are as follows:

  • To encourage the enrolment of students from the weaker sections even beyond the reservation limits.
  • To introduce PG courses in conventional subjects and short-term utility courses having job potentiality.
  • To improve the existing infrastructure – both academic and physical.
  • To establish a mutual interdependent relationship between the institution and the local people.
  • To facilitate the programme of computer education among the students of the institution.
  • To encourage the students to use internet resources to enhance their knowledge.
  • To create natural ambiance by the beautification of the vast green campus and as well as by generating resources.