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From the Principal Desk


Dr.ParthaKarmakar O.I.C/ Principal

I, on the behalf of all the teaching and non-teaching staff of Muragachha Govt. College am privileged to inform that we are on the threshold of beginning our third academic session. Education is a system of knowledge that lays the foundation of a society. Without proper education there is no progress. More than a process, education is best nurtured in an environment where there is a confluence of freedom and a proper admixture of knowledge with discipline.


MuragachhaGovt College is trying its utmost to propagate higher education among mass. For us education does not only mean formal education. Nolicederecognoscere which means Don’t cease to learn. The first chapter of this learning process should deal with humanism. Our main aim is to spread the light of humanity which is the binding force of a Nation which stimulates the idea of Nationalism. It has to be kept in mind education should not only be carried rather it should be the vehicle of our lives. It is through proper questioning of the existing branches of knowledge that an individual can attain wisdom. At the same time education should give us the strength and courage to question the dominating influence of power that seeks to subsume us.


As the Latin quotation goes Afontepuropuradefluit aqua which means pure water flows from a pure spring. Idealised words on education are not enough to channelize the youth brigade towards a bright future. For that, the people sitting on the other side of the desk in a classroom should be equally ready to take the burden and responsibilities so that the generation next could have a glimpse of the torch which will illuminate the path ahead. So I, Dr.ParthaKarmakar on behalf of my teaching and non-teaching staff can proudly proclaim that we are ready to take the challenge to incandesce the future generations to come.