Government General Degree College, Nakashipara.


Government General Degree College, Nakashipara, established on April 7th, 2015, is has the vision to enlighten the community with knowledge and culture. Despite being a young institution, it has already made notable contributions in the realms of art, culture, and community service through the Cultural Committee and NSS unit.


Situated amidst verdant surroundings, the college enjoys convenient access via both railway and roadway networks. Muragachha serves as the nearest railway station, falling under the Lalgola – Sealdah section, while Lakshipur, across the Bhagirathi – Hooghly River, is part of the Howrah – Katwa subdivision.


Faculty members are appointed by the Government of West Bengal through the West Bengal Public Service Commission, following University Grants Commission guidelines. Full-time teachers may be reassigned to different government colleges per W.B.E.S. regulations. The state government also appointed non-teaching staff. Retired educators may engage in part-time teaching based on eligibility criteria.


Administratively, the Higher Education Department, under the Director of Public Instruction and principal secretary, oversees college operations and policy formulation, with the District Magistrate heading the governing body.


Financial support from the Government of West Bengal and University Grants Commission sustains the college. Facilities like the seminar room facilitate interactive sessions between faculty and delegates, while guest lecturers from other institutions enrich student learning. The library continuously evolves to foster an academic atmosphere. The college canteen caters to students and faculty, and departments like Bengali and Education have launched wall magazines, with the College Magazine in progress with student involvement.


Both teaching and non-teaching staff collaborate towards the holistic development of the college. Upholding college rules and regulations is paramount, as collective efforts from all stakeholders—directly and indirectly—are crucial for achieving academic excellence. While students may graduate, the college remains a timeless symbol of guidance and transformation in their lives.