Government General Degree College, Nakashipara.


A college established in a rural zone has to have some specialized visions which might not coincide with some of the renowned urban institutions apart from the general visions. Some of the measures that the institution craves to undertake are as follows:
  • To encourage the enrolment of students from the weaker sections even beyond the reservation limits.
  • To introduce PG courses in conventional subjects and short-term utility courses having job potentiality.
  • To improve the existing infrastructure – both academic and physical.
  • To establish a mutual interdependent relationship between the institution and the local people.
  • To facilitate the programme of computer education among the students of the institution.
  • To encourage the students to use internet resources to enhance their knowledge.
  • To create natural ambience by the beautification of the vast green campus and as well as by generating resource
  • Government General Degree College Nakashipara is to be a pioneering centre of academic excellence, innovation, and social impact, recognized for nurturing future leaders and change-makers.
  • We envision:
  • A vibrant learning community that embraces diversity, fosters intellectual curiosity, and promotes lifelong learning.
  • A culture of collaboration, integrity, and ethical leadership that prepares students to thrive in a rapidly evolving global landscape.
  • A commitment to addressing societal challenges through innovation, and community engagement, making a tangible difference in the lives of people locally if not globally.
  • A sustainable and inclusive campus environment that inspires creativity, wellness, and social responsibility.
  • Through our unwavering pursuit of this vision, we aim to empower individuals to become catalysts of positive change, driving innovation, progress, and social transformation